International Women’s Day- An Open Letter To Mothers Everywhere



Women. We are smart. We are strong. We are brave. We are kind. We nurture and protect. We design and invent. We dream. We love.

We make up 50.2% of the world’s population and yet in every democratic nation we are still grossly underrepresented in positions of political power. In developing nations, we are unable to leave the house without a male escort, go to school or have the freedom to say no to FGM or to an arranged marriage.

It may be 2018 but the fight is far from over. Still we must fight to be heard. To be recognised. RESPECTED.

In the wake of #timesup and the #metoo movements, as well as the centenary celebration of the women’s vote in the U.K., today- International Women’s Day- felt supercharged. Unapologetic. Demanding.

We are done waiting. The time for change is now.

And whilst we as women need to stand in solidarity with one another, to raise each other up when the world around us tries to tear us down, it is the Mothers I write to in particular.


Because you are raising the next generation. You are nurturing the minds of young men who can must grow up knowing that NO really does mean NO. You are shaping the thoughts of young women who might must be courageous enough to realise that their worth is beyond their biological attributes.

When advertising and the media tries to break your daughter’s self esteem and then sell her products to fill the void, you will be able to step in and show her the importance of self-love.

When she thinks her value is based upon looks or on whether or not she has a boyfriend/girlfriend, you can set her straight and remind her of all the incredibly smart, talented women that have made the pages of history in their own right and not for being somebody’s wife.

When society tells your son to “man up,” that empathy and emotion are strictly for ‘girls’, you can teach him that these qualities are a sign of strength, not weakness, and that they go beyond gender to unite us all in being one thing- human.

When the world tells him that his worth is measured by financial and material success, you can gently remind him that the only worthwhile thing in life is happiness.

Those of you on Instagram will know that I’ve recently read Grayson Perry’s ‘The Descent Of Man’ which is a must read for anyone interested in gender roles, masculinity and the patriarchy. In it he argues (rather solidly, might I add) that gender roles are by and large learnt, instead of an innate sense of biology. Which means that we, as mothers, as parents, have got a head start in raising the change we wish to see in the world.

The future is female.

Happy International Women’s Day!



2018- New Year, New Goals

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First post of a new year!

January, that time of year for self reflection. Resolutions set in order to make changes that will hopefully make us happier and healthier people, and I of course am no different.

2017 was an exceptional year (and will be a tough one to beat) as it brought Ored and I our bright, beautiful, kind, nosey- and let’s not forget- noisy babe. Motherhood has given my life more meaning than I could ever have imagined, but it has also made me hungry. For the first time in my life I’m starting to think of the future and what that means for our family, because there’s nothing quite like the refocus you have once you have a child.

Maybe you could call it a movie lightbulb moment (ding!) because suddenly, with total clarity you realise just who/what is important in life and who/what doesn’t deserve a second thought. And so I’ve entered the New Year with a spring in my step determined to achieve my goals and make 2018 a year full of love, happiness and success.

  1. Get in front of the camera

It’s difficult to admit but I have struggled with my post pregnancy body far more than I thought I would. It’s not a question of weight, it’s just that everything is different now. My old clothes may fit like a glove once more, but now my face seems a little…off and my hips still seem adamant to show just how wide they had to be to carry a babe…

And so if I’m really honest, this has played a big part in avoiding being photographed. Despite holding our son, I’d actively grimace whenever anyone dared to point a camera in my face and utter the word “smile.” Looking back I’ve come to realise that, rather sadly, I’m the only one missing out. These moments of babyhood will be gone in the blink of an eye and when I’m 60 looking back at photographs, it’ll be hard not to notice how little I appear in them.

So as of now, I’m making a promise to get in front of the camera. No matter how bad my hair may look or how terrible an angle Ored is taking them from. And guess what? The above photos were taken on the 1st so I’m already off to a good start!

2. Exercise

Since turning vegetarian last July my diet has never been better. I can now say I actually cook from scratch (hurrah) and even Ored is more involved in the kitchen, relishing in making homemade pesto. Opting for a baby lead approach to weaning meant that as a family, we all had to be on board, sitting together, eating together and making mealtimes a fun, but healthy, experience.

But having a baby on in my hands 99.9% of the time leaves little time to do anything else and so exercise has fallen to the bottom of that never ending list all parents – but especially Mamas- have of ‘things to do.’

And so it’s for both health and post-pregnancy confidence that I’m vowing to incorporate regular exercise back into my life, be it walking, running or swimming.

3. Write

I made significant headway with freelance writing before falling pregnant. I managed to keep the blog relatively up to date and at the tail end of last year I embarked upon writing my first novel (6,000+ words and counting). But the momentum has slowly ebbed and I know I have to pull it back before I find myself back in that most feared and loathed of spots- writer’s block.

4. Read

I love books and whilst I’m devouring a ton of children’s novels (its something we really enjoy doing as family before bedtime) I’d quite like to read some for myself again. Every year I always set myself the completely unrealistic goal of reading a book a week, and so fail miserably. So now I’m aiming for a book a month, utilising the evenings or breastfeeding sessions instead of being on my phone/tablet (can I add using less technology as a 2018 resolution?) But I’m flexible. Even if I only read a book every two months it’ll still be significantly more than last year!

5. Try something new

I’m lucky enough to be in a position where I don’t have to return to work once my maternity leave finishes. That said I’d love to find something I could do working from home that allows me to be creative whilst spending time with Little Ored. Who knows what will be this time next year- but I’m excited to find out!

6. Be kinder

To myself, to others, to the planet.

So here’s to 2018- may it be a wonderful, magical year for us all!


Milestones- Two Months

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Ok, so technically he wasn’t two months today (this post is now nine days late) but with round the clock feeds and the first lot of immunisations- with post jab fever- under our belts, along with sensory classes and lunch dates with friends I haven’t seen since I became a Mama, I’ve barely had time to catch my breath let alone write a post!

But as I sit here on the first feed of the night/morning, I’m beginning to realise I just need to make time if I can’t find it. Otherwise baby journals will go unfinished, milestone cards unfilled and the camera will be left on the shelf, when I should have grabbed it sooner to capture that unmissable moment.

It feels as if Little Ored’s development has suddenly ramped up a gear and now he’s changing by the day as opposed to weeks. This week alone, he has both sucked his thumb and laughed for the very first time, the latter filling me with such joy that I haven’t stopped smiling since.

At two months Little Ored…

  • Smiles ALL of the time, yet despite this it’s proving impossible to take a photo as he’s easily distracted by my phone!
  • Is a serious chatterbox- gurgling away non-stop during a nappy change or playtime, as if deep in conversation.
  • Has discovered his hands, which he either balls into a fist and either stares at or sucks at (usually until he gags)
  • Is bewitched  by his surroundings- whether it’s the lampshade in the living room, prints in his nursery or the photo frames on the kitchen wall, he can’t stop gazing at the world around him.
  • Has grown SO much that he’s practically on his way into 3-6 clothing already. More importantly (and worryingly) he’s almost the size of his sleep box, which is leaving Ored and I in a bit of a dilemma as to what we do going forward!



Milestone cards from Paper & Wool