Milestones- One Month

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They say that time flies when you’re having fun and boy-oh-boy has that been the case over the past four weeks. I’m still in total disbelief that Little Ored is one month old already, it seems like it was only yesterday I was impatiently waiting for him to arrive!

One of Ored’s friends- a Father of two- suggested that for the first six months babies do little other than poop, puke, feed and cry, but I don’t think this could be any further from the truth! (Well, at the very least it’s not all they do) Little Ored’s personality- sweet natured, relaxed and inquisitive- becomes more and more apparent and we find ourselves discovering new expressions, movements and sounds with every day.

At one month Little Ored…

  • Spends considerably more time awake during the day. This time isn’t spent grizzling either, as he’s more than happy to just lay back (literally) and look at his surroundings.
  • Responds to music and in particular, being sung too. His favourites are David Bowie, Zayn and Lana Del Rey.
  • Has completely grown out of his newborn clothes, but annoyingly isn’t quite ready for 0-3 months, so we’re temporarily in limbo!
  •  Is virtually rash and flakey-skin free (part in parcel for newborns whose skin is acclimatising to life outside of the womb)

Who knows what the next month will bring, but we can’t wait to find out!


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It’s A Boy!

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As I sit here with a sleeping babe next to me, hands finally free to write this post, I’m still struggling to put into words what the past three weeks have meant for Ored and I, both as individuals and as a couple.

Because it’s virtually impossible to describe the beautiful whirlwind that has been our life since this little man came into it.  After two sweeps and an agonising wait- he was 10 days late- Baby Ored was born after just a four hour labour*, weighing 7lbs 15oz. With a full head of hair, button nose and lips that garnered the same reaction from everyone (“He’s got his Mother’s lips!”) we instantly fell in love.

Every cliched sentiment anyone has ever told you, or that you’ve ever read, about the wonders of parenthood is completely and utterly true. There is no love like it, but the amazing thing is that the three of us have been able to bask equally in the glow of this unconditional, boundless love.

Of course there have been moments where I was so delirious from a lack of sleep that I was laughing at everything, forgetting everything, and am still never able to find the time to dry my hair after a shower. But when I looked at Ored, he too was laughing, forgetting and lapsing on grooming. We’ve shared everything together- dirty nappies, hanging out endless cycles of washing and taking turns to wind Baby Ored so the other one can eat dinner – all with patience, humour and stolen kisses. It’s been the very definition of teamwork and I can’t imagine parenting working any other way.

And it isn’t all Ored. Little Ored’s personality shines stronger with every day. Sweet natured, inquisitive and above all super chilled if on occasion, a little grizzly. I can count on one hand the amount of times this baby has really cried (and almost all of those have been because he needs me to release a boob a little faster) which means that when Ored returned to work after his two week Paternity leave, I felt encouraged. Hell, I’ve even taken him out and about on my own, an experience which is yet to be as daunting and terrifying as I previously envisaged.

I thank my lucky stars, because my post-labour experience could have been very different as it is for so many new Mum’s.

And so begins my journey into Motherhood.

Stay with me and I’ll promise to [honestly] share with you. When I get a free moment of course!




P.S I will write more about my labour as it was such a positive experience, I really would like to share it with you. Like I’ve said before, there are too many horror stories out there and not enough reassuring ones!

Gender Neutral: Why We Chose Not To Know



So as I sit here at 38 weeks, making the most of this wonderfully large bump which is soon to disappear- along with the peace and quiet- I thought that now is probably a good time to write about our decision not to find out about the sex of our baby, before this little one arrives and everything else fades into the distance!

Before I begin, let me start by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to find out the sex of your baby, or for having a gender preference. This little musing rambling is just a personal account as to why Ored and I decided not to find out the sex of our baby. In no way am I casting judgement or aspirations on any parent that has done the opposite.

We pretty much decided from day one, not to find out the sex of our baby. There are very few complete surprises in life and we figured that this was one of the few left that we could enjoy. Being laid back and easy going, both of us have found not knowing very easy. Perhaps if we were guided more by being in control of things, we might have struggled, but as it turned out, we were more than OK with awaiting our little March surprise.

So when people asked us “What do you think you’re having?”  we always drew a blank, because in all honesty, we hadn’t given it a second thought. Whereas some couples might eagerly and excitedly guess the gender of their baby throughout the pregnancy (with the help of myths and old wives tales) we were too busy conjuring up images of what we knew to be true- whichever sex-this’ll be one hairy baby!

Some people seemed to be under the impression that somehow what we we were doing was ‘noble’ even ‘brave,’ but truth be told, we just weren’t-and still aren’t- fussed about gender. Maybe fussed isn’t the most sweetest of terms but it’s sentiment rings true. Our main concern, as with all parents, was to have a happy and healthy baby and anything beyond that, we just couldn’t quite comprehend.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that neither of us dreamt of having children, so we never had the opportunity of daydreaming about having a little girl running around the house or a small boy curled up in bed.

Either way, there’s been something incredibly liberating about having to think outside of the box when it comes to our little one. Of being able to choose playful yellows and striking turquoises over the conventional pink and blue clothing. Or being allowed the freedom to get super creative with our nursery theme, in order to keep the room as fun, playful and neutral as possible for either gender.

And that really got me thinking. I mean, if I feel liberated from the gender stereotypes, imagine how our child will feel? Hopefully he/she will be able to forge their own way in the world without already being told from birth what toys he/she shouldn’t like and what clothes he/she shouldn’t wear.

And isn’t that the best surprise of all?