Rose Gold – The Horse


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Up until now I have never owned a watch. Well, I had a few ones bought for me as very young teenager but they never stuck. I have no doubt that this because I’m aware of the fact that I have exceedingly large hands and wrists (honestly, they’re bigger than most of my female friend’s and they’re the same size as my other half-Ored’s). Not to mention the fact that watches, along with owning a car and having a savings account, seemed far too grown up for me and much to Ored’s amusement “I’m just not ready for that kind of commitment yet.”

But over the past three years, Ored’s love of watches has surprisingly sparked a curiosity. I started paying attention to him when he talked about Breitling and instead of meeting him in Waterstones, I joined him as he ventured off towards another watch shop. And then I found The Horse.

Yet another great Aussie export, The Horse is the brainchild of Husband and Wife team Scott and Amy Hawkes whose particular brand of classic, timeless, go-to pieces have become an instant hit on social media. Specialising in ‘time tellers’ and small leather goods such as wallets and pouches, The Horse’s understated yet classic chic instantly appealed to my fuss free nature. After all, if I’m going to a buy a watch then I want one that will go with simply everything, day and night, and look just as good in five years time!

Closer to home, it turned out that the shop I regularly buy my kitchen utensils and soap from is in actual fact the UK’s only stockist of The Horse watches! Workshop, dubbed ‘Instagrammable’ by, well Instragram, is a homeware and lifestyle store based just off of Brighton’s South Laines. Selling everything from tea towels to shoe polish and candles, Workshop’s tantalizing watch exclusivity was exactly what I was looking for.

In a sea of Olivia Burton, Daniel Wellington and Michael Kors watches, I was desperate for something a little more unusual and undiscovered to take residency on my wrist. It may sound picky, but if I was going to break the habit of a life time and use an actual watch to tell the time instead of my phone, then it really had to be perfect.

And then on Valentine’s Day, perfection unexpectedly arrived and I’ve been in love ever since.

I have to say a big thank you to the team at Workshop, who not only responded to my stock enquiry emails super speedily but somehow managed to orchestrate the secret purchase of this watch with Ored, without me knowing!

And of course thank you Ored. I suddenly feel all grown up…


Watch: The Horse Rose Gold/ Black Face/ Black Leather

Earrings: Part of the ‘Rose’ collection at Primark/ £1.50