Sneak Peek- The Nursery






I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been to reveal our DIY nursery project to you, but there’s a few things we haven’t quite got round to just yet, so I’m saving the grand reveal for when the project is entirely finished. Until then I thought I’d tease give you a little sneak peek, as part of me is convinced that with my labour imminent (tomorrow, is the 2nd of March aka my due date!) I’ll completely forget to show you anything!

As I’ve mentioned before we went for a safari theme for the nursery, inspired by various rooms I’d seen on Pinterest and even Target. The key thing for us when visualising this space, was to create a room that both Ored and I and our little one would be happy in. It’s natural to instinctively focus on the needs and wants of your new arrival, but the reality is that as parents we’ll also spend a lot of time in the nursery so ultimately, we needed a child and adult friendly space.

Both Ored and I adore animals, so we we’re really keen to inject this into the nursery and hopefully share our love of wildlife with our little one. With the focus on our safari theme, we managed to bypass the pitfalls of gender-specific designs, opting for a colour scheme that was bold, bright and engaging for everyone!

A bigger and better reveal will be coming very soon, but in the meantime I would love to hear about your nursery designs and inspiration, so make sure to comment below!




Bedroom Update- Minus A Few Finishing Touches









So you may have seen in my baby shower post that our bedroom is suddenly a lot darker, compared to anything you might have previously seen on Instagram. That’s because in the last couple of weeks our house has undergone some serious amounts of DIY in preparation for our new arrival!

Knowing that the spare room/dumping ground was about to become a nursery, it was time to rehome our belongings back into our room in order to give baby as much space as possible. With that in mind- and a new chest of Ikea Hemnes drawers on the way- I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and redecorate, breathing new life into a clean but otherwise boring room.

I’m absolutely terrible at taking before photos (something I promise to try and get better at!) because I’m simply too eager to begin a new project, but in summary our bedroom was bare except for a coat of ‘off-white’ paint and a mix of new and old furniture, which meant that nothing quite matched. It wasn’t as terrible as it sounds, but it wasn’t as glossy as it looks now!

Ored was convinced that four dark walls would create a “dungeon,” but with one wall comprising of just windows, and an abundance of white furniture, I knew that it would still manage to look light. As my interior tastes are changing and evolving, I’m learning that sometimes you just have to be brave and not be afraid of colour- no matter how bold!

There’s a few things still to do (we’re toying with sanding down and painting the door and skirting boards white, and we desperately want new white curtains along with a whole heap of H&M bedding)  but the room is practically finished which not only means another thing is finally crossed off our never ending ‘list,’ but it also means a beautiful new space for our Little One for the first six months!

Oh and guess what? Ored LOVES it!

What recent renovations have you embarked on? Please let me know by commenting below, as I can’t get enough of online inspiration!



You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen at Parties (Room Update)


Things have been super hectic over the past few months. My work as a freelance journalist is really picking up alongside an ever increasingly busy social life, now that I have weekends all to myself again. I can’t complain, but it hasn’t left me with much time to post, so I apologise for the absence.

Determined to update you, I sat down this morning with a cup of coffee feeling super excited to share with you our mini-kitchen update.

The kitchen was always the one room in the house that I thought wouldn’t need decorating. Before Ored moved in, four years ago, he completely gutted it, putting in brand new fixtures and fittings, slate flooring and a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

But then I saw this amazing photo on Instagram which really inspired me. That’s why I love social media. You can stumble across a blog post, picture or an article which can ignite a spark and really fuel your imagination.


If you’ve watched as many home renovation shows as I have you’ll know that you can afford to be brave and use bold, dark colours in a small space which has lots of natural light. Our little kitchen fitted the bill perfectly, and with frames already hanging up on the feature wall I could see this insta-look translating really well.

Ored of course had his reservations. Where I’m impulsive, Ored is rational, preferring to problem solve before a project and not after (like me!) Whilst he argued the blue was too dark (“I know.” “Yeah, but I mean, it’s really dark.”) my confidence won through and the more we talked the more we compromised, creating a vision we could both see.

We decided to trade the white for grey, because all the rooms in the rest of the house are white, and planned to paint the two largest walls opposing colours.

And so in just over four days our kitchen went from this….




To this…






feature wall.JPG

I was thrilled with the results and even happier to see Ored fall completely in love with our handiwork. His idea to paint the return and windowsill alternate colours, was just the thing to lift the room and balance the colours.

The boring, bland, plastic light fixture is the only thing left that needs changing but we’ll need some help from a qualified electrician so it’s now on ‘the list,’ which I’m hoping to get round to sooner, rather than later!

The great thing about this room update (and any paint job for that matter) is that it’s a quick, easy, low-cost way of creating a completely new look. Other things in the house, like a new sofa or a bay window seat, require more time and more money which both of which are in limited supply (as it is for most young couples).

I hope you all love it as much as I do- let me know your thoughts below!


Paint (from Homebase)

Blue: Stolen Sapphire by Valspar (soft sheen finish/ kitchen and bath)

Grey: Timeless by Dulux (matt/ kitchen)

Cost: Approx £70!