Bedroom Update- Minus A Few Finishing Touches









So you may have seen in my baby shower post that our bedroom is suddenly a lot darker, compared to anything you might have previously seen on Instagram. That’s because in the last couple of weeks our house has undergone some serious amounts of DIY in preparation for our new arrival!

Knowing that the spare room/dumping ground was about to become a nursery, it was time to rehome our belongings back into our room in order to give baby as much space as possible. With that in mind- and a new chest of Ikea Hemnes drawers on the way- I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and redecorate, breathing new life into a clean but otherwise boring room.

I’m absolutely terrible at taking before photos (something I promise to try and get better at!) because I’m simply too eager to begin a new project, but in summary our bedroom was bare except for a coat of ‘off-white’ paint and a mix of new and old furniture, which meant that nothing quite matched. It wasn’t as terrible as it sounds, but it wasn’t as glossy as it looks now!

Ored was convinced that four dark walls would create a “dungeon,” but with one wall comprising of just windows, and an abundance of white furniture, I knew that it would still manage to look light. As my interior tastes are changing and evolving, I’m learning that sometimes you just have to be brave and not be afraid of colour- no matter how bold!

There’s a few things still to do (we’re toying with sanding down and painting the door and skirting boards white, and we desperately want new white curtains along with a whole heap of H&M bedding)  but the room is practically finished which not only means another thing is finally crossed off our never ending ‘list,’ but it also means a beautiful new space for our Little One for the first six months!

Oh and guess what? Ored LOVES it!

What recent renovations have you embarked on? Please let me know by commenting below, as I can’t get enough of online inspiration!




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