Baby Shower







Last weekend my sister and BFF joined forces to organise what was arguably the best baby shower ever. Taking place at the MetroDeco in Brighton, a 1930’s tea salon (in other words, very me), the afternoon was spent with a small group of wonderful women- some of whom I had known a lifetime, others mere months. We feasted upon macaroons and scones, drank copious amounts of tea and even had the pleasure of witnessing some jaw-dropping magic courtesy of Rooster Magic.

Needless to say I had an amazing time and was genuinely humbled by the baby shower. Not just the effort that had gone into organising everything (and keeping 97% of it a total surprise) but by the multiple trains travelled, taxi’s taken and babysitters booked,  just for my friends to be there. Baby and I were certainly overwhelmed by all of the love!

Annoyingly, I not only forgot to take my DLR with me but, for having too much of a good time, I barely took any photos on my camera phone either- what little ones I did take, I’ve included below, because really, I just want to share how amazing my friends and family are.

But the first thing I did when I got home was to take lots of pictures of all the beautiful and wonderful gifts we were lucky to receive, to show Bubba just how loved he/she was before they even left the womb!




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