The Baby Box


This weekend marked our first Antenatal class (hurrah!) and when asked by the course leader what we had bought for our newborn to sleep in, Ored with a wry smile declared “A very expensive cardboard box!”

I first read about the baby box in an issue of Gurgle (for UK Mamas I can’t begin to recommend this magazine enough, which offers insightful, informative and above all a non-judgemental approach to parenting, products and plenty more besides). The piece was small but it certainly grabbed my attention.

97% drop in infant death rate thanks to a box

Finnish-style baby boxes are being trialled in the UK. Mums at the Queen Charlotte & Chelsea Hospital will get a sturdy cardboard box and mattress (from The Baby Box Co) for baby’s first eight months. The small size compared to a Moses basket is thought to prevent babies rolling onto their tummies, believe to be a factor in SIDS. Finland’s seen a drop from 65 deaths per 1,000 births to 2 as a result of using them.

My interest was instantly piqued by statistics that seemed hard to fault. On further research I found that the stats run from 1938 to 2015, so one could argue that it isn’t the box alone but also a better understanding of cot death as a whole, which has contributed to a more informed and safer style of parenting. Either way I was sold.

As with any new parents, one of our biggest anxieties has been about the safety and wellbeing of our child.”How will we know if our baby is warm enough?” “How will I know if I’m producing enough milk to satisfy a very small but very hungry tummy?” Whilst a lot of these worries will disappear once we start getting to grips with parenthood-or so we’ve been told-  the baby box seemed to provide the perfect solution to one of our biggest niggles, “what is the safest space for our baby to sleep in?”

So we ordered our box from The Baby Box Company choosing the basic ‘Bed Box’ package because quite simply, we’d already begun amassing a ton of essentials from friends and family. Out of the four different prints available, we went for  ‘lovable lions’ as our Nursery ‘theme’ seems to have organically evolved into something resembling a safari!  And anticipating that I’ll always need to have one sheet in the washing machine, I also added an extra mattress sheet, bringing the total (including shipping) to approx £66 which is totally in keeping with the average price of a moses basket, if not slightly cheaper!

The box took about a week to arrive and when it did we were both pleasantly surprised.

The box was…

  1. Bigger than I expected- For some reason the official measurements (26 3/4 X 16 3/4 X 11 1/2 inches) hadn’t quite resonated with me, so in my mind I was picturing something significantly smaller.
  2. Sturdier than I imagined – Prior to ordering, I was a little dubious at claims that parents leave the box on the floor. I kept imagining myself tripping up over the box in the middle of the night! But the reality is that due to the size and structure of the box, it simply doesn’t need a stand like most moses baskets do.
  3. Of a very high quality- When I ordered the box, I had no idea what to expect. So I was delighted and relieved to find the box exceeded all expectations!



It seemed like more than mere coincidence when less than a month after buying our box, Scotland announced that it was trialling baby boxes in every hospital from the start of summer, 2017. Another great reassurance for us!


I will do another post once baby is born, because currently I feel like I’m reviewing a film that has received rave reviews but that I haven’t actually seen. In the meantime what I will say is that whether you chose to buy a moses basket, box or let your little one sleep in a bassinet for the first few months- trust YOUR instinct, because if it’s one thing I have learnt throughout this pregnancy (and particularly in our antenatal class) is that there will always be conflicting, contradicting and sometimes confusing advice given to you about almost anything and everything . You just have to trust your natural instinct as parents!




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