Little Feet, Big Change (Hello 2017!)


For my first post of 2017 it seemed only fitting to write about the huge little wonder which is about to change my life in ways I could never have imagined. Of course those of you that follow me on Instagram will already be well aware of the fact that Ored and I are expecting our first child very soon- 2nd of March to be exact!

I’ll be honest with you, the past 34 weeks has been a complete whirlwind.Prior to meeting Ored, children were never on my agenda. In the hundreds of daydreams my imagination created in coffee shops or in the back of a lecture hall, my future never featured the pitter patter of small feet. And then rather cliched, Ored came along and turned every plan I ever made for myself on its head. All of a sudden, I felt broody (shock, horror). The love we had for one another, so full and unconditional, seemed to require a little human to spring forth and complete it.

So we talked, because let’s face it, becoming a parent is a big deal. Yes we love each other, yes we want children, but is now the right time? We were told by friends with children, that “you’ll never have enough money” and we came to the conclusion that they were probably right. For when is there ever a right time? We might never have enough money, there might be an endless and ever-growing list of things that need doing to the house, and job satisfaction might have somewhat eluded us for now but what we did know was that the love we had for eachother, along with a happy home, would be more than enough for our children.

As this is my first pregnancy, I thought that I would be eager to share it with the world. Inspired by achingly cool and creative ideas I’d seen online, I thought that that I would be one of those mums-to-be who created a quirky and unique way to reveal their pregnancy, or documented a growing bump each week with the help of fun and eye catching props.

So I was surprised to find that actually, I ended up doing the complete opposite. After initially telling close friends and family after our first scan at 12 weeks, Ored and I then went on to wait another 6 before revealing on Facebook, to our wider circle of friends, that we were expecting.It might have been driving my sister crazy (who text me to say “WHEN ARE YOU PUTTING SOMETHING ON INSTAGRAM!?”) but something about this baby made me want to cherish my pregnancy away from social media.

Admittedly I felt the pressure to document every waking moment (which I was even less inclined to do for the first 24 weeks, as I suffered with constant morning sickness) but we didn’t cave. Instead we just enjoyed being in the moment with our unborn child. Marvelling at that first kick, or enjoying cuddles on the sofa- just the three of us.

It’s only now, when we are so close to meeting our little one, that it feels like the right time to start capturing this incredible journey, which is already moving so fast that I fear I will forget all of those little things if I don’t write them down.

Stay tuned, for Life With Ored will never be the same again (and I can’t tell you just how wonderful that feels).

p.s Noticed that I’ve been saying ‘baby’ the whole way through this post instead of ‘girl’ or ‘boy?’ That’s because Ored and I chose not to find out the sex of our baby! Why? I’ll let you know in an upcoming post very soon…





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