(When you’ve got good lighting and a good highlighter, you don’t need a filter)


Last year I read a game-changing article in a copy of Stylist, about the art of ‘strobing’ (if you’ve got the app, download issue 12.08.15 with Amy Schumer on the cover and get reading).

Touted as the new and improved contouring, strobing utilises light, instead of shadows, to add definition and shape to the face. The result? Positively glowy, dewy looking skin that gives a natural, youthful appearance.

With my holiday to Cascais a mere week away, I packed a make up bag full of highlighters and set about playing and was both surprised and delighted, as it proved to be the ultimate beauty tool . Finally, here was a trend I could get on board with!

I’m adamant that contouring isn’t for everyone, but at the very least it isn’t for me. I’ve coveted the sculpted cheeks of the Kardashian sisters and watched countless YouTube tutorials, but all in vain. As hard as I tried I just couldn’t recreate the look. Why? Because my face isn’t a perfect blank canvas. I have scarring, a reminder not just of teenage acne but of my inability to leave well alone, and my face isn’t even in tone.

Every time I applied my contour kit, it immediately undid the past 10 minutes of carefully applied concealer and foundation. My scars began peeking through again and that contoured canvas wasn’t quite the masterpiece I envisaged.

I have to be fair and say that my scarring means I have to even be careful as to where I apply blusher, as if I apply it too low down, on the hollows of my cheeks, I get the same problem. But as contouring relies on emphasising those areas of the face that for me are the most problematic, I quickly abandoned my kit.

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(Hello!Fashion helps you achieve four ‘strobing’ looks in their latest issue)

Strobing however, was a different story. An instant love-at-first-sight that not only reflected light (and the eye) away from my problem areas but added some much needed dewiness to my skin after using powder and mattifying foundation (I have oily skin).

It’s safe to say I haven’t looked back since and neither has the beauty world. Pick up a copy of this month’s double issue of Hello!Fashion and you’ll find another fantastic feature on strobing.

Whilst Stylist ran theirs in the height of summer, Hello!Fashion have put theirs out in the middle of our very late English Winter- but that’s the beauty of strobing. Super versatile, it gives dry, dull winter complexions a much needed boost, whereas naturally bronzed and glowing faces are only emphasised in the summer. Whether it’s a revitalised look for the office to hide that late night or a first date glow, strobing does it all.

I swear by Skin Wow Primer by Seventeen (£5.99) as this liquid highlighter is iridescent, without being too pink or shimmery, and it can be used in 3 ways; to prime skin, add to foundation or used alone as a highlighter.

After I’ve finished my base, I apply a small amount to the bridge of my nose, the inners and outers of my eyes, the tops of my cheeks, my cupids bow and my forehead and chin, and blend lightly. I finish with a creamy blusher in order to maintain that soft glow. 

Are you a fan of strobing or do you prefer the classic countour look? Comment below and let me know what products you use!